Security Surveillance and Monitoring Systems none

SurveillanceOur security surveillance and monitoring systems incorporate the components of a CCTV system according to the clients’ specific requirements. We deploy our CCTV Systems first by analyzing the security situation and risk levels at the required site, then critically considering crucial factors like angles of view, ambient lighting, image detail required, preferred storage media, all of which are integrated into the design of the most effective and cost efficient solution. Our clients are also able to remotely view the locations being monitored, from Internet enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Our mobile CCTV monitoring option allows the provision of a higher level of security to guests at outdoor and indoor events. Specifically designed for its ease of set-up, all cameras in this system option are deployed at predetermined locations covering the event venue, and monitored from a secure control room from which visual security information is provided to “on-ground” security personnel within the event venue

Security Enhanced Entry Systems none

SecurityOur security enhanced entry systems are designed to ensure that access to certain locations is granted only to duly authorized people and that such access is monitored according to our clients’ needs and specifications.

We supply and install a wide range of Access Control systems, from basic systems for homes and small business offices with few doors, to more intricate systems handling several thousands of users across several locations and entry points.

Our intelligent key systems, security doors and turnstiles provide reinforced security for guaranteed peace of mind, and our mobile crowd control turnstile systems ensure that access to large crowd events is effectively controlled and monitored.

Our intruder alarm systems work in conjunction with other components of our security enhanced entry systems to repel the attempts of unauthorized personnel to gain entry into a location. Through the integration of peripheral devices such as passive infrared motion detectors and beams, alarm panels, sirens and strobe lights, they guarantee the deterrence and defeat of such unauthorized attempts, while also providing notification of the same to remote mobile devices.

Our Vehicle / Undercarriage Scanning & Surveillance system provides a fast, safe and effective method of scanning a vehicle including its harder to inspect under carriage sections for hidden explosive devices. It constitutes a major enhancement to the ‘DETECT’ capability by offering accurate & reliable stand-off identification of suspicious items/objects attached to vehicles, with minimal impact upon vehicle flow through control points.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems none

FIRE…. it rages and destroys all in its path, leaving it’s victims little time to respond and extinguish it. However, statistics show that the greater percentage of raging fires can be effectively arrested in the early stages in which they smolder. This fact forms the basis of our Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

We supply and install Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, which fall into two main categories – Conventional Systems or Analogue Addressable Systems. Conventional Systems are well proven means of fire / smoke detection and alarm, which are often the natural choice for smaller premises due to their simplicity of design, installation and more importantly affordability. Analogue Addressable Systems however have more flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification of location of a fire threat and scope of control. They are best suited for larger premises and more complex system requirements.

We also provide fire alarm system accessories like strobe lights, emergency lighting, luminous fire exit signage and varying types & sizes of fire extinguishing canisters.

Security Training none

TrainingOur security trainings serve to equip participants with the requisite skills to detect, and mitigate against security and safety threats, as well as to deploy security solutions, and include:

Technical Competency Training

Technical Competency Trainings (TCT), where we provide training on the widely accepted and best practice methods of site security risk assessments, project implementation, project commissioning and handover, to practitioners in the security systems industry.

These trainings also serve as a means of personal development for young job seekers who with the experience gained from the training then possess a basic skill that can be built on with further working experience, and have on occasion being conducted as part of Artezia’s CSR initiatives.

B-FAST (Basic Fire and Safety Training)

B-FAST helps to increase in participants, the awareness and consciousness of fire threats, and equips them with the tools to manage the ensuing consequences of a fire outbreak, including basic CPR & first aid training.

Security & Risk Assessment Consultancy Services none

Security risks occur in every environment and it takes a well-trained security expert to identify these risks. This is where our expertise at risk assessment comes to play, and forms the basis for our security risk assessment service.

Our well-trained engineers critically assess all possible security threats and recommend the best security solutions to help avert these risks. In the event that such observed risks cannot all be fully averted, they recommend the best way to reduce the risk levels to the barest minimum, and training on how to maintain a constantly safe and secure environment within such circumstances.

WISCK (Worker Identity Security Checks) none

WISCK stems from our belief that a proper and thorough security background check can and should be done by a one stop security firm, on all staff employed in homes and

offices of our clients, especially when these staff work in close proximity to them, or have limited or unrestricted access to their most treasured possessions… especially their children, who most times cannot protect themselves from these “paid strangers”.

WISCK achieves this security background check by carrying out Identity verification using a bio-data acquisition system that collates all relevant information of the person to be verified, including a photographic image of the face, for subsequent verification.

Artezia’s highly trained investigators also carry out a thorough background verification to confirm the validity of the details provided by the employee prior to recruitment.