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The following takes place between midnight and 1am

Bankole Smith is a typical hard working class person, who has dedicated his life to seeing that the job got done, thus the reason behind his rapid career rise. The time was a few minutes after midnight when Bankole drove into his residence, dead tired from the fatigue of the previous day’s workload. Walking up the porch to the front door seemed a herculean task but he managed it by focusing his thoughts on his bed and how snuggling under the covers will be most relaxing & rewarding experience he could have now.

It was exactly 12:47am when four men successfully scaled the relatively low fence enclosing his compound. Bankole had no dogs to alert him of the intrusion, and chances were high that with how tired he was he may not have heard them or assumed they were other neighbour’s dogs. He also didn’t have an electronic intrusion alarm system, which with its wailing siren will not only have certainly woken him up from his deepest sleep, but also scared off the intruders with the flashing strobe lights and emergency lights the systems triggers when activated. It was an additional relief to the robbers that there were no CCTV cameras, as this meant that there was no possibility of the CCTV system triggering a silent alarm inside to wake Bankole up and show him on a display screen, clear images of how many they were and all their movements within the premises. His tired state when he got home had also meant that he didn’t check all his windows, so he didn’t notice that the laundry window was left slightly open, an arrangement the robbers had secured for the small fee of N10,000 paid to the new washman Bankole had recently employed, who coincidentally had also given them the tip that he was a potential lucrative target. Access into the building through this window was child’s play, as nothing woke poor Bankole up while his entire house was being looted of all valuables, including his pride and joy – multimillion-naira home entertainment system. It was painfully obvious that despite his successful career, Bankole hadn’t paid much attention to his safety and security, and these four hoodlums were only too happy to make him pay.

While the opening line of this article may be easily recognizable to fans of the widely popular fictional TV series – 24, the reality of the robbery scenario is far from fictional, as several people wake up to the same horror Bankole woke up to. Several people, just like Bankole, return from work too late & too tired to do the very necessary security checks on the windows and doors in their homes. The security systems that can help prevent these intrusions, and also give their owners an upper hand in the event that an intrusion attempt is even made, is also most times absent. People still unknowingly employ strangers who cunningly disguise themselves as helpful domestic staff, doing little or nothing to verify their personal backgrounds or work history from alleged previous employers. Truth is we all fear these security threats when we hear of them, but respond most times with the silent prayer; May it never happen to us.

This is where we Artezia, come in, to handle everything to do with security as we are aware that most people like Bankole may not know their security needs, so from the start, we determine the security needs and the most effective and cost efficient means to handle them, to the unending quality after sales technical support we provide to all our clients over the years of operation of their security systems. We’re not just another security company, and our clientele gladly & readily testify to this fact, because we keep our promise to ensure that they enjoy a “true security experience”.

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