The need to secure the perimeter and external premises of any event cannot be underestimated. From the safe arrival & departure of guests, the protection of their vehicles, through to crowd control, our Events Security Surveillance Systems provide an extra eye to see much more.

To guarantee uncompromised security, the monitoring is done in a 20 foot steel container retrofitted to international standards of security surveillance control rooms. With this service, challenges to effective perimeter surveillance and efficient crowd control are easily solved.

With our wide coverage all across the country, our entire mobile surveillance systems hardware and installation teams can be deployed and ready for functional use at any location within the country within 4 days.

We also offer Rollaway fence system as the answer for separating spectator sectors and for channeling streams of visitors at major events, trade fairs and in stadiums. It’s the smart alternative to road barriers, portable fence sections, police and event fencing. Incorporated with our crowd control turnstar

The need to secure the external perimeter, and at times, internal premises of any event, most especially those that take place outdoor, cannot be underestimated. Our Events Security CCTV Surveillance Package provides “extra eyes to see much more”. take advantage of this great offer, contact us today at:

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